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Pathways of Nelson submission

After working in the Nelson CBD for the past 10 years I have had the opportunity of meeting and talking to so many wonderful people.

My submission to the Pathways of Nelson spatial plan was based on conversations and views shared with me by business owners and members of the public who had concerns about Nelson changing in a way that wasn't accessible, inclusive or taking into account the real needs of our city and its citizens.

"As a whole I agree that Nelson needs change.

I don't disagree with the entire proposal and I feel that is is definitely headed in the right

direction with emphasis on making Nelson a breath of fresh air for the people within it

there are, however, definitely some points I have issue with.

I understand that clean modes of travel are important but it is not always practical not to

take your car into the city, especially for people from out of town, families and people

with mobility issues. My concern is that nothing is mentioned in this proposal to ease the

pressure for parking that we already have and I fear that these changes would only

exacerbate the issue especially with more people living in and around the city and more

visitors expected.

My second issue is that much of the recent projects and art throughout the city was paid

at a premium and not offered to any local community groups and artists, leaving us with

overpriced designs by international artists that mean nothing to us and the city. One of

the few times local artists have actually contributed it was given to a Councillor. Not only

was this nepotism but the Christmas designs were embarrassing and not even my 10

year old thought they were appropriate (she hates them and has considered writing to

the council to complain.)

My third issue is the waste of money a new library would be. We don't need an update

as library usage is dwindling and the riverfront area is reclaimed land which would be

risky to develop due to climate concerns. We are better to put this money into existing

issues that need fixing.

My fourth issue is that traffic management in and out of Nelson is already at a choke

point. How can we invite people into our beautiful city if they can't get here or leave due

to congestion?

My final question is regarding rates and attracting businesses back into Nelson. Nelson

has been hemorrhaging businesses for years and rates are a big reason for this. What

will be done to encourage business to return to Nelson so that visitors won't arrive in a

ghost town and what will the council do to support them to stay? I think rates need to be

considered too high and need adjustment.

I want to finish by saying that I agree with making a more green space with relaxing

areas and pocket parks could really make Nelson flow. I always thought continuing the

closure of Trafalgar Street down to the bridge Street intersection and making a green

walking area would be lovely.

Thanks for taking the time to read my submission.

Cleo Cowdrey."

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